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      Product SKU Mfg. Part # Unit Price Qty Add To
    054N 55V 72A N-CHAN 18212 $2.50
    130V RMS MOV - NTE524V13 REP137 NTE524V13 $2.20
    1RF 530 FET 100V 8A 40W N-CH T0-220 18677 $.95
    2N1544 PNP HIGH PWR 20V 3A TO3 18882 2N1544 $3.50
    2N1893 NPN LOW PWR 120V 500mA TO-5 4450 $.35
    2N2218 NPN GEN PUR 40V 500mA TO-39 81692 2N2218 $.45
    2N2219 NPN GEN PUR 40V 500mA TO-39 81693 2N2219 $.45
    2N2369 NPN GEN PUR 15V 100mA TO-18 81695 2N2369 $.20
    2N2905 PNP GEN PUR 40V 500mA TO-39 81696 2N2905 $.59
    2N2906 PNP GEN PUR 60V 500mA TO-18 81697 2N2906 $.25
    2N2925 NPN LOW PWR 25V 100mA TO-98 5294 $.20
    2N3053 NPN MED PWR 40V 150mA TO-39 81699 2N3053 $.35
    2N3055 NPN HI PWR 4A TO-3 81700 2N3055 $.95
    2N3393 NPN LOW PWR 25V 100mA TO-98 8078 2N3393 $.20
    2N3503 16503 $.70
    2N3546 PNP LOW PWR 15V 200mA TO-18 7012 $.35
    2N3565 NPN LOW PWR 30V 50mA R-110 4647 $.20
    2N3638 PNP LOW PWR 25V 500mA R-110a 1279 $.20
    2N3639 PNP LOW PWR 6V 80mA R-110 81701 2N3639 $.20
    2N3643 NPN LOW PWR 60V 500mA R-110a 4449 FPN3643-05 $.25
    2N3645 PNP LOW PWR 60V 500mA R-110a 1281 $.20
    2N3704 NPN GEN PUR 30V 500mA TO-92 81702 2N3704 $.20
    2N3725A NPN HIGH SP 50V 500mA TO-39 4451 $.35
    2N3740 PNP HIGH PWR 60V 250mA TO-66 1282 2N3740 $.35
    2N3771 NPN HIGH PWR 50V 15A TO-3 81703 2N3771 $2.95
        showing 1 - 25 of 318   next 25

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